Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm a little embarrassed at how long it's been since I sat down to write in this blog. I'll be honest, I've been discouraged at how the community has just kind of died back. I miss my visitors, but I'm just as guilty of not getting around the neighborhood the way I used to. But, I want to keep trying.

My lack of posts is not due to a lack of things going on. On the contrary, it's been a bit of a whirlwind. I'll give the very short version, and then try and fill in some blanks with follow up posts.

Most of my attention and energy has revolved around Arielle. She and I went to Allentown for a visit in May. She had her prom here in NY in June, and that was followed by her high school graduation, including grandparents coming to visit. I cannot believe we have two of the three kids through high school! It just went WAY too fast.

Of course, upcoming graduation meant we spent a lot of time over the last few months squaring away the college decision. She decided on UMass in Amherst.

Right before the 4th of July, I took her up to Amherst for her freshman orientation. I had never been there before I fell completely in love with the area. I would move there in a heartbeat!

The orientation didn't involve me at all. I dropped her off, and had two days to "play" while she was attending sessions and tours and making her schedule. But, I got a bonus! I have an very, VERY old friend who lives in the area. I hadn't seen her in thirty two years! As a matter of fact, we'd only been in touch twice in all that time. So, we were reunited and it was WONDERFUL! That's an entire story by itself that I want to share. I just need to sit still long enough to tell it.

I'm teaching aquatic fitness regularly at a national chain exercise club. I'm not particularly impressed with the way the program is run, but I am loving being back to teaching. I have a teaching style that is distinctly unique from the other instructors. This is going to sound snotty....but it's true. I'm the only instructor they have who has been educated specifically to teach in the water. I'm sure the other instructors are very effective in their particular areas of fitness expertise. But, what one knows about spin, or aerobic dance doesn't exactly translate to the water. The exercise mechanics in water are in many ways opposite to working on land. We had a "master" class for instructors recently and I learned two of them don't even swim! This just strikes me The good news is that the participants love my class....and tell me so on a regular basis. I'm getting a solid following.

We're leaving tomorrow on a family vacation up to Lake Placid, NY. I am so, SO looking forward to the trip. We will be in a setting that (to me) is just about perfect....a mountain lake region. I will be able to walk out the door of our hotel and take a three mile walk around a lake. I expect I'll be out a dawn every permitting...either walking or out in my kayak. I'm also hoping to do some waterfall photography. It's something I've done some research on, but haven't had the opportunity to practice. No waterfalls on Long Island.

We started our vacation week today with a trip into Manhattan and a Broadway show. We promised least 10 years ago that we'd go see Phantom of the Opera. Well, we finally get her there.

I'll have to say, I wasn't really all that excited seeing the show....but I loved it. Visually, it was just a feast. I was so fascinated with the staging and THE COSTUMES!! Being the textile junkie that I am, I was just dying to get up close to those costumes....all that color and texture. They look so detailed and intricate from the audience, I can only imagine what went into them. I was looking on the internet for some images of the masquerade ball scene (which was spectacular)...but can find nothing that begins to do it justice. I'll keep looking.

So, that's the scoop in a nutshell. I really will try and do a post or two while we are traveling. I've neglected my photo blog just about as much as this one. But, I'll promise to try and do better if anyone is still with me.

Oh....and one more thing...

Something very exciting is brewing. Something I've worked toward, but have not dared believe was possible, for a long time. I won't say it yet because....while it's clearly in the works, its not cast in stone. I'm afraid, I'll jinx it.


Des's big daddy said...

I always look forward to pictures. Enjoy your week.

cw2smom said...

Have a great vacation Kat! Looking forward to your photos upon your return! I know what you mean about life being a whirlwind..I too have been too busy to post as there's so much going on...LIFE is good! That's so nice to say! Blessings to you and yours, Lisa

Martha said...

Have a great vacation Kat! I have a feeling I know what's going on - can't wait to hear more! :-)

Coy said...

yes ... the sense of community here is nothing like it was at AOL may never be. I still post on occasion but like you have difficulty finding time to make the neighborhood rounds.

Enjoy your vacation ... still hoping to pay a visit to Long Island to see Jenn and the kids. Wedding scheduled in May if not before then. *** Coy ***

cindy said...

I'm so glad you are busy!! Not that I want you to be exhausted...but busy with participating in LIFE is very, very good.

Hope vacation has gotten off to a great start. Dare I hope for a Lake Placid postcard?!??

Can't wait to hear all about it!! Happy hiking!! xoxoxo

Rose said...

it has been quiet, I am always on facebook, I have caught up with a lot of my family there, but there's nothing like blogging. Besides my family leaves me alone here! have a GREAT vacation!

Mortimer said...

I always see what most audiences don't, the subtle mistakes. I guess it's my years onstage that sharpens my eye. As for the fabrics, I've worn them ALL! LOL!
Well, I'm back. I hope that counts for sumptin'?

Barbara said...

Kat, I'm so thrilled to read about your latest adventures. Amherst isn't far from my neck of the woods I'm sure Arielle will enjoy her college experience at UMASS. Have fun on vacation.


kath said...

Glad to see you back, Kat.
I agree about the Phantom of the Opera. I felt the same way until I saw it. Now you MUST see Wicked. That's another show I wasn't sure about and now, 4 months later, I'm still singing the songs!
Enjoy Lake Placid. It really is beautiful up there, although I've only been back up there once since the 1980 Olympics. I would love to get back up there again. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!