Thursday, February 18, 2010

Westminster Dog Show 2010

***I am moving my online portfolio to It appears to have tons of great features that makes sharing your images on blogger and facebook super easy. This post is my first attempt at embedding a slideshow into an entry. Let me know if it's working for you.***

Joel is off school this week for winter break. We've been busy the first few days, but now we're just going to chill out the rest of the week, I think.

Monday, we went into Manhattan to meet up with a friend from Allentown and go to the Westminster Dog Show. I watch the show on tv every year, and have always thought it would be great to attend.

We went for the early part of the day, during the "best of breed" judging. The floor of Madison Square Garden is divided into six judging rings so there are multiple competitions going on at any point in time. I did my best to take photos from the stands, mere mortals do not have the ability to get down on the floor and be on eye level with the dogs during the judging.

However, we could go into the backstage or "benching" area where the dogs and owners spend their time before and after the judging. It was a mob scene back there, but you could watch as the dogs were being primped, talk to the breeders/owners, and pet and coo at the dogs. Many of the animals were happily tucked into their crates. With all the people and hubbub, it clearly has the potential to be a high stress environment for some of the animals. We could tell that many of these dogs were more than happy to be in their "safe place". But, just as many were delighted with all the attention they were getting from all the attendants. I'm sure there wasn't a soul back there who didn't LOVE dogs.

We didn't stay for the evening group judging but we were back on Long Island in time to watch it on tv. It was really cool to recognize some of the dogs who went on to that next level, however none of my favorites won their group to move on to best in show. Next year, I think I'll plan a little differently and hopefully spend even more time there. For a real dog person it's an experience not to miss.


marigolds2 said...

Yes!! It's working just great. What wonderful pictures. I'm going to forward the link to your post to Gail's sister in Western Mass, she's an ├╝ber dog person and will really enjoy your slideshow.

kath said...

Gorgeous! I mean the photos AND the dogs!

Kate said...

Slide show looks good. SO JEALOUS about the doggies. I would like to come next year, too, please. I would be on my best behavior and bring my own treats. :-D

Monica said...

Zenfolio is a great site to host your photos, especially since you can sell your photos on the site. =) I've always been able to pay for the site through the sales of photographs and not just wedding photos! =)

What a fabulous adventure that was to go the Westminster Dog Show. You got some wonderful photographs. I've said several times that is a show I'd enjoy attending if I ever had the opportunity. Thanks for letting us go with you via your photographs.

CailinMarie said...

Hello there, stopping by via blog hopping. This is a fun post. Your photos show really nicely.