Friday, June 17, 2011


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I have a confession to make...I drank the iPhoneography kool-aid.

I really like my iPhone.  I don't know anyone who has one who doesn't.  The people at Apple are geniuses.  It's not a's a fabulous toy for grownups.   It just so happens you can make a call with it.

I rarely took photos with my old phone.  I didn't start taking photos with this phone right away.  But then, I discovered the creative apps....I discovered iPhoneography...and I quickly learned that it's an art form that is being widely accepted by BIG names in traditional photography.  Photographers from National Geographic, Outdoor Photography and other major publications are ladling out the kool-aid to the rest of us.

It's being embraced for what it is.  What it is a replacement for high quality dslr photography.  It's really a new creative medium that you carry in your pocket.  For people truly passionate about photography, it's not a way to turn a bad photo into a gimicky  "good" photo.  At present, we're limited in the amount of control available in making the image.  You can't set your shutter speed or control your depth of field.  So it becomes very much about composition and applying a new medium to a well composed picture.  

It's fun and it appears that the creative possibilities are almost limitless.   Google'll be amazed.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Photo effect by Pic Grunger.


Cindy said...

looks like a lot of fun~! post some more, please :)

Martha (MM) said...

These are gorgeous Kat! What a fun toy that must be. Thanks for linking up to the beach party :-)

Jon said...

The photos are great and the iPhone sounds very intriguing. I am hopelessly behind the times....heck, I'm still trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone (slight exaggeration......)

I'm going to attempt to post this comment and see if Blogger will cooperate this time!!!

kath said...

These are great! Which apps did you use?

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I've only discovered this iJoy after struggling in an aquarium to get good shots with my DSLR only to get GREAT shots with my ... iPhone! Yepper..gotta get that app....Thanks for this!