Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jan 6 2010

Just got back from an overnight in Manhattan. Arielle and I went in to meet up with our dear friends from Allentown, Janet and Emily.

Now that we no longer live across the street, and the girls are on college, Janet and I both feel we need to build some travel traditions as a foursome. This little jaunt was great and we're ready to start planning the next one.

Arielle and I drove in this time. It was only my second experience navigating the streets of NY by car but I'm proud to say, it went very smoothly. We got around without getting lost (and NO GPS) and we only got caught in a gridlock once. There's so much to watch for....the street signs, the pedestrians, the cabs, the bikes, the busses, the double parked trucks. It's a challenge. But I feel like I have a better sense of the lay of the city than ever before. I wouldn't hesitate to drive in again. That's something I never expected to hear myself say.

We ate great food and spent some time in a museum and saw Hair on Broadway. At the end of the show, the cast extends an invitation to the audience for all to come onto the stage and dance. That is RIGHT up my ally....but no one else in our group was game. Are you kidding?!?! When again will I have the opportunity to dance on a Broadway stage? Gotta do it!

Adrienne went back to Pittsburgh today for her final semester. Aaron's also gone for the next 10 days for business. Arielle doesn't have to head back to Massachusetts until Jan 17. I'm glad she'll be here for awhile longer. If we can find a nice day, I think we're going to go in to the Bronx Zoo. I think it would be terrific to go in the winter when no on else is there.

It's taking some time to learn my way around this new computer. So far, I'm liking it. I downloaded the trial version of photoshop for Mac. It's a bit different and I'm trying not to get frustrated. I've been very uninspired photographically over the last few months. The display on this Mac is gorgeous though, so I'm itching to drag out the archives and play around. Maybe, I'm on my way back.


Nancy said...

Hey Kat girl! First of all, I would SO have gone on the stage with you...are ya kidding me??
I also want to see Hair very badly.
However, where we differ is I do NOT want to ever drive in NYC again. I got lost and ended up there once and I HATED it! So I'm proud of you.
And the Bronx zoo without me? wouldn't do that!
Kidding...but miss ya.

Love and hugs,

Cindy said...

I'm glad you had a great trip to the city. Hope your cold is all gone by now. I drove into New York a couple of times, it was okay...but certainly raised my anxiety level! Especially when I knew of a certain parking garage that I had used before, and I headed for it...only to find it closed! That caused a bit of panic! LOL! It was a long, long time ago. Wouldn't attempt it now.
Have fun with your new computer, would LOVE to see some photos, new or old, no matter! I hope you make it to the zoo! Love you! Phin xoxo

marigolds2 said...

But leave me wondering - did you go up and dance, or not? What fun. When we lived near Boston I used to drive into NYC regularly. It was a challenge, but always worth it. People out here in the West think they have "traffic" but they don't have a clue. Glad you had fun, and intend to keep it up. Looking forward to your photos, along with everyone else.

kath said...

You're very brave. I refuse to drive in the city. If my husband is with me, he drives, otherwise I take Metro North in. It's a nice ride along the Hudson River.
Did you get up on stage? One of my friends did so she could tell everyone she sang & danced in a Broadway show!
As for the Mac, it does take a bit of getting used to, but it is so worth it. If you have any problems, you call them and they're really helpful, you don't wait forever and the techs are usually in the US or Canada so they speak understandable English. They're great to deal with. Even with the peripherals like printers - I call Hewlett Packard, tell them I have a Mac and immediately I get an English speaking person (usually Dave in Toronto). It's so nice. We're up to 3 Macs in my house. We love them.