Saturday, October 18, 2008


I think I have found a friend.

Last year, in late fall, I was hiking at Connetquot State Park taking pictures. I came to a little bridge, and there was a woman standing on the bridge with a camera with the same lens that I was using. She said hello and we started talking. She was a frequent visitor to the park, and as it was the first time I'd been there, she offered to show me around a bit. We had a nice walk and agreed we should meet there again for a photo shoot.

Prior to yesterday, we've met at the park twice and spent a couple of hours taking photos. But this week, we talked about visiting another park that is further from where we both live. We agreed she'd come by my house and we'd drive out together.

So, we met up here yesterday about 8:30 and started out for the day. I expected that we'd get to the part, walk for a couple of hours or so then maybe have some lunch. Well, we were at the park ALL DAY. We didn't cover that much ground....maybe 3 miles...but we really took our time taking photos. We both enjoy macro nature shots, so we'd get to a spot....crawl around on the ground shooting things, each totally engrossed in what we were doing...then walk on. Her husband is also an avid photographer but he likes to do birds and teases her when she wants to take the time to photograph forest floor litter, small flowers or weeds. As any of my old readers know...I love these type of images.

We spent at least an hour at the north end of the park walking along the shore of the Long Island sound... and all of a sudden, it was noon! We decided we were both hungry and should head back to get lunch. But as we walked through the woods and fields back towards the parking lot, we got distracted more than once by the woodland minutia and the beautiful fall color. We finally decided it was really time to high tail it back when we realized it was 3:30 and now we were going to have to contend with commuter traffic. It's been a long, LONG time since I've had a day fly by like that.

I've got lots of images to go through, but I will be posting some of my favorites over at my photoblog. Meanwhile, I feel a little sense of peace. I think I've finally got a friend here in NY.


Monica said...

How wonderful is that to find someone to share the same interest! It sounds like you two were meant to meet. I'm looking forward to the photographs as always.


Barbara said...

So happy to hear you have found someone in NY. Friends are so important. Enjoy!

Martha said...

That's great! I remember you telling us about this new friend. I'm glad you are forming a true friendship with someone in your new town :-)

Martha said...

That's great! I remember you telling us about this new friend. I'm glad you are forming a true friendship with someone in your new town :-)

Cindy said...

I didn't have the link to this blog until today - I just saw it in someone else's sidebar. Oops.

I am very happy for you, too! Friendship is a vital part of life, and to meet someone who shares your love of photography, well, that's just perfect!

xo Phin

Nancy said...

Hey Missy,
You have more than ONE friend in NY!



BosieLadie said...

I'm so happy for you to have spent a day in photo bliss! Can't wait to see your photos. And, it looks like you found an avenue to post big pics.