Friday, October 24, 2008

Time Management

This week flew by in the blink of an eye. I can't understand how I can get so little done in an entire week. But then I realize that even though I have a lot of available time, it ends up getting broken up into chunks that don't really allow for the completion of anything. I'll get busy, then have to stop for an appointment. Or, I'll start something, and it's time to go get the kids. I'll have to stop in the middle of a task or project to make sure we have what we need for dinner. And so it goes.

I did get one thing accomplished. I completed the reinstatement exam for my aquatic fitness certification. And,I've started back to working out at the pool. The gym we joined here is brand new and beautiful. It doesn't have the size and depth pool I was used to in Allentown, but I've adapted my workout for myself in this facility. It's an adjustment I needed to make if I want to try and teach out here. There's another two hours eaten up in a day. By the time I drive there, change, exercise, shower, and drive home it seems half the day is gone. But, it feels so good to get in the water and sweat. It's worth sacrificing a couple of hours 3 or 4 days a week.

I shouldn't be on this computer now. We have friends from Allentown coming to visit over the weekend and I'm getting a little frazzled about the house. In reality, it looks fine but I always drive myself crazy this way. Too bad I don't love housework. We're putting our guests in Joel's room (since we don't have a guest room) and I just spent the last two hours cleaning and tidying in there. And that was AFTER he'd "cleaned" it. I still want to do a lot of tidying and organizing in our office. My side of the office is the family dumping ground. If we don't know where to put goes on Mom's desk (and becomes Mom's problem). Then there's my "work area" in the basement. When our friends were here for the Bar Mitzvah they didn't see the entire I'm sure they'll want to go see the basement this time. The place where I work down there is definately an out of sight, our of mind space. So, it needs work.

I've spent more time than normal at the computer since we migrated over here. Now that we have the ability to monitor new posts in our favorite journals on the sidebar...I'm trying to stay up a little better than I had in the last year or so. I guess I don't want to fade into the shadows over here so I'm trying to get around and leave some comments. All it takes is time.

It's really been a pretty uneventful week. That's why I get so frustrated about how quickly it's gone by. Why am I not finding time to really work on (or FINISH) a project, or go through the tons of photos I need to sort and edit? I probably need a "to do" list...but, I'm sure I'd lose it. I can't imagine having to fit a job into the rest of this...and I know that many, many women do. Wow do you do it?


Martha said...

Hi Kat,
I haven't figured out the secret to the whole time management thing - sometimes I can work full time, workout every day, make all home cooked meals, keep the house spotless and still have time and energy left over to have fun with the kids, keep up with blogs and spend time with friends. Other times I can barely drag myself in the door after work. I don't know if it's all a state of mind or what. I know there aren't times with more than 24 hours in a day, other times much less - but it sure feels that way.

Hope you have a great weekend with your visitors :-)

Lisa :-] said...


Can you help me fix my blog?

I want to post big pictures, but since my blog doesn't cover the whole screen, my pictures get cut off. You have obviously figured this out... What's the secret?

Email me?

Wiccopee Creek said...

This sounds like my days at my house. Start, stop, start, stop and nothing gets finished. In fact, I recently posted about my office being the family dumping ground too! I think we're all just too busy these days. I hope you get to relax this weekend. Enjoy your company!

Anonymous said...

ya it seems like you been busy!