Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Few Bumps Along The Road

I hope that everyone is having success getting moved and settled in over a Blogger. I haven't posted anything here up until now becauseI wanted to get the space organized and functioning the way I want it. It takes some research and trial and error to get outside the templates offered. It's time consuming but it's also an entertaining challenge. I have never delved into HTML but I'm actually starting to understand how it's least a little bit. I can see a glimmer of what some of the possibilities are here.

My biggest frustration is photo posting. I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on that front. It's obvious from my postings at AOL that I like BIG PICTURES. The blogger standard of "large" is small by my standards. I was able to modify the templates my archived journals with the migrated big pictures and they are showing full size. But, I have not been able to create a new post with a big picture. I've been googling around, trying different things and I either get a small picture or no picture at all. I've tried uploading directly from my computer as well as linking to a photo at Flickr. Has anyone had any luck with this? I'd love some guidance.

I'll cross post this to my journal at blogger and if I find a solution that works, I'll be glad to share. I know we're all going to be doing a little stumbling around. Can anyone help me avoid reinventing the wheel?


Robbie said...

Hi Kat...Did you try Steven with Sometimes Photo Blog. His photoblog isn't on Blogger but the code should be similar...I would think. Here's the link to his photoblog:

Karen said...

Sorry, I am clueless about pictures and whatnot.

I love your header picture. It's beautiful.

Judith HeartSong said...

hey there Kat!

I have a pro account on Flickr and always post all sorts of sizes of pictures.

Click on your photo in Flickr, then click on "all sizes" above the image. Try clicking on medium... that is usually plenty big enough and usually needs a little squeezing to fit well on your blog page. Scroll down a bit and see where it says

1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:

and highlight the text below it.... and then add that in the desired spot to your edit html tab (at least that is how it works with my classic blogger template).

Now flip back to the compose tab and your image will be there larger than life. You can grab a corner and re-size it a bit.... and then when you save it, it become a clickable link to take you over to Flickr.

Lots of us have been on blogger for a long time and will be more than glad to help where we can. We all got to learn all of this all at once and it made it easier:):):)

Glad you are here.

Celeste said...

Judith told you what I was going to tell you. Also in Picasa you can get the html code for larger photos

IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm still learning myself, and I've pulled out more than one hair out of my head as of this point. Hopefully we can all get this figured out soon!
Love ya,

Nettie said...

thanks for stopping by, I wondered where you had gone...yes, I don't like the smaller photo format either, but clicking on the photo allows you to see them larger, so I've let it go. I'll look at the tutorial though. Hope things are going well for you.

Betty said...

HELP how do I subscribe to your journals....the link confuses the heck out me LOL. I am a fast learner but all the changes and etc are starting have my mind in overload :(.

BosieLadie said...

Kat, I use Photobucket for my larger photo posts. Very user friendly, just copy and paste HTML code for your photo in photobucket and paste here at blogger in the HTML edit tab of your new post. Email me if you have questions. Good luck.