Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Birds

I know that one reason I don't post as frequently is that I can sum up what's going on in a pretty short statement. I watch birds.

How much can I say about this. I've found a few spots where I find beautiful birds to watch (and photograph)....and I can sit there for hours (literally) and watch, and fire off hundreds of shots.

I was out today, but not for as long as I would have liked. It was the prettiest day we'd had in over a week, and I headed out to try and photograph an osprey nest I've been watching. What incredible light there was this morning however, there wasn't a lot of activity. One of the birds was away from the nest the majority of the time, and the other was up there just keeping watch. I missed a couple of incredible opportunities, I'd look away or get distracted by something else, and one of the ospreys would leave or return to the nest. But, I am patient...and I will wait.

I had a time constraint today, and I pushed it just as long as I could before I had to leave. Nothing had been going on for quite awhile, but I gave myself just ten more minutes. My stalling paid off.


I can't wait to go back there tomorrow.


DB said...

That is a great picture. At first I was thinking that they wait for you to look away before they move. But that one finally gave you the gift.


Monica said...

What a beautiful photograph and how lucky you have found this place. I'm glad you were able to stall a few minutes longer to get this photo.

BTW - this would be PERFECT for the current Round Robin challenge.


Lisa :-] said...

Sweet shot! I wish I had the time to do that... I could watch birds all day and not feel like I've wasted my time. And eventually I'd get some shots as good as this one...ha-ha...

Cynthia said...

Oh man, that's wonderful.

Martha said...

Wow! Great shot Kat!

~~Kath~~ said...

OMG That is an awesome shot!!