Thursday, November 17, 2005


Gotta stand back

We're undertaking our first project of the year. It's (past) time to redo my son's room. He's nine now and it hasn't been redone since he was a baby. This was at my husbands initiative - so I'm really hanging back a bit. They've got the room emptied out, and I have been asked to remove the border. Boo Hoo - it's SO cute. I remember picking it out - how much I LOVED it. It has the sweetest baby animals on polar bears, tigers, wolves, elephants, and pandas. I knew this day would come - I have to accept there are no babies in this house anymore.
My husband is at the home store with Joel now - looking at borders and paint. I had to sit on my hands to stay out of it. The flat out truth is that my husband has NO decorating sense. But I have a feeling that if I try to pilot the project, all of a sudden I'll be the one holding the paintbrush, and I really don't want to go there.
This is a direct path to decorating wars. I've watched a little too much HGTV. If I get started with a project, I'm ready to faux paint, build furniture, go wild. Is anyone else afflicted with this disorder? They make it all look so easy - so you do a little faux painting, sew up a couple of swags, the next thing you know you're out in the yard with a pallet of flagstone and 4 tons of screenings installing a patio (ask me how I know).
My husband wants to paint a solid color and call it a good job. So I've just decided to let him feel like he's controlling this for the time being. Maybe after that solid color (translation: base coat) is done, I'll step in and add a little flair. Heck - he'll be back to work on Monday, the kids will be back to school, I can just take over then!
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Once my "outdoor room" with flowing white curtains and a few pieces of carefully placed furniture filled with dry, crackling leaves, I abandoned Christopher Lowell. He really didn't look all that great as Little Bo Peep with a beard peeking through his stage makeup. I also learned that a little stenciling goes a very long way.Comment from rbushu - 1/5/04 11:09 PM

I don't have kids, so I really shouldn't say, BUT...I think it's cool for your husband and your son to be "bonding" this way. If you CAN, let them deal with it. It's only a room...and probably one you won't be wanting to go into anyway once he hits puberty!! Lisa :-]Comment from mlraminiak - 1/4/04 12:02 AM

OMG! my husband refused to even buy the paint for our room without me...he said: "What's the point? You'll redo it anyways."Comment from ckays1967 - 1/3/04 7:59 PM

Ah, so THAT is the border you were removing. Mmmm hmmm. It's all becoming clear to me now. :-) Well, good job that you're going to let your husband take charge of the (initial) part of the project. He gets to make a contribtution, it will avoid conflict and like you said, you can always go back and add to it later.Comment from somenuttychic - 1/3/04 11:50 AM

i've learned my own lesson .. i refuse to watch any more of the home improvement shows .. i ended up convinced that i too could redesign my daughters bedroom into something enjoyable to a pre-teen .. about a million buck and hours later it was finished .. weeks later the color was no longer her "favorite color" .. i make her suffer in silence if she wants to continue living lolpamelaComment from his1desire - 1/3/04 9:27 AM

Yes, I have the HGTV disorder, too. I can't leave a single surface in my house untouched!Comment from chefgracegeorge - 1/2/04 5:37 PM

I wish I had your enthusiasm, I grabbed a pillow, laid on the couch and said"I'm sleepin this year."Comment from mrscheesestix - 1/2/04 1:56 PM

I can empathize with you. I recently painted three rooms in my parent's house (surprisingly, they turned out pretty good!) JonComment from jayveesonata - 1/1/04 10:35 PM

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