Thursday, November 17, 2005


Perpetual Motion
Isn't it something how you just feel that you go, GO, GO!!
We got through our party - it worked out great. I was surprised that the boys did NOT wear out as much as I had hoped. But they had a lot of fun and my house is not destroyed.
But it seems you never get a break! I got home and moved on to the next thing on the never ending to do list. I have commitments to my sons school that I need to complete before the holiday. AND we're heading up to Vermont on Tuesday for a few days of skiing. Nothing is packed, I'm not even 100% sure of what gear we couldn't locate. The next couple of days are going to be nuts.
And what I'm really thinking about is how I hate to be away from the computer and my journal. I never expected to get this hooked this quickly. We will be back on Sunday (Dec. 28) and I'm sure I'll want to spend quite a bit of time getting caught up on everyone's holiday stories.
So, wish me luck. I'm not a very experienced skier. I really don't like to get off the beginner trails. I love being out there, it's beautiful and I love the feeling of swooshing down the mountain - CAUTIOUSLY. I am very cautious, I do NOT like to feel out of control or get going too fast. Goodness knows - the world would stop here if I broke anything.

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hehe can you say "laptop" !! i can't live without mine loli hope you all have a wonderful time and you'll be missed !!pamelaComment from his1desire - 12/22/03 8:51 AM

Yes...the journals are addictive. But we all remember to have lives anyway. Yours sounds like fun...enjoy it!!! Lisa :-]Comment from mlraminiak - 12/21/03 10:12 PM

Have tons of fun (craziness, and all!)! :-)xo ~ IsabelComment from isabelzmia - 12/21/03 9:56 PM

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