Wednesday, November 16, 2005


More on Dreams
This is not a dream I had - but one my sister shared with me. I found it to be a stunner.
My dad's mother was incredible. We all adored her. She lived just two blocks from us in the house SHE grew up in. Her name was Gladys but everyone called her Hartie. She was always glad to have us with her and was quick to involve us in anything she did. We were NEVER a bother to Hartie. When we needed to escape from home - we'd always run to her.
After she died, my sister and her family moved into her house. Can you imagine - 5 generations of the family had lived in that house. However, my sister was going through a rough patch - her marriage was upset and they were in trouble financially. Well my sister had a dream. Hartie came into her room (which had been Hartie's room) and sat down on the edge of the bed. She told my sister not to worry, that everything would be alright.
The next morning, she got up to wake her son for school. Nik said to her that he'd had the strangest dream. Hartie had come into his room, sat on the edge of the bed and told him that everything was going to be alright.
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WOW!!Comment from
mrscheesestix - 1/12/04 1:42 PM

Wow. I think your family must have strong religious connections and/or a second sight. This is WAY cool.Everyone needs a Hartie.Comment from andreakingme - 12/19/03 9:47 AM

personally i'd say it doesn't get much better than that :) what an awesome thing to have in your life !!pamela (GirlsHeadNoise)Comment from his1desire - 12/19/03 8:15 AM

VERY cool indeed!Thanks for stopping by my journal...come back any time! Lisa :-]Comment from mlraminiak - 12/19/03 12:58 AM

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