Thursday, November 17, 2005


A Purpose - Part2

But this fall, I was in the health club - we had just rejoined. I have been very dedicated to health and fitness over the last couple of years - and I'm thinner and more fit than I've ever been in my adult life. The pool director snagged me and asked me to come back to teaching. She didn't have to ask twice.
I've been back teaching about 2 months now and I LOVE it. It's perfect for me. I LOVE the water, I LOVE to move to music, and I LOVE the response I get from the participants. Now, for everyone who's picturing a bunch of old ladies jogging in place with their hands over their heads - STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This can be an agressive exercise program that is very challenging - especially if we move it to the deep end of the pool.
Many of our participants are elderly or fighting weight problems. But they are a joy to work with. They know that they have to take responsibility for their health, and they love when I push them. They always thank me when they've had a super workout - so it's my goal to always give them one. I'm just thinking about it so happily today - there were a lot of people there WANTING to pay their dues for their holiday splurge. It makes me feel great to see them respond to me - working so hard AND enjoying themselves. It's a great job!
My challenge is creating a program that appeals to kids (young teens). We get calls from parents who want their kids in an aquatic program for the exercise - but they aren't competitive swimmers. This is a very exciting niche. With all we read about childhood obesity, it's my chance to perhaps make a difference in someone's life. If I can start a child toward a lifelong habit of fitness and health, I'd feel like I'd really accomplished something. I'm working on the program now. We need cool music, some strength and resistance work, some deep water walking/jogging (cardio), some swimming drills, and some games, just for fun. I'm hoping to launch the program in the next couple of months. Wish me luck!Written by sunflowerkat321 .

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Good luck Marigolds - I hope you can find a program that will meet your needsKatComment from
sunflowerkat321 - 12/31/03 11:09 AM

don't i wish i lived in your neighborhood! there are very few places to get any water exercise here, and mainly only in the summer. i have serious arthritis and water exercise is the only kind i can really tolerate. i'm going to join a program at a nearby school if i can find one that will work into my schedule, once i KNOW my schedule!Comment from
marigolds2 - 12/30/03 6:30 PM

Sounds fun! I love the water and you are right water aerobics/exercise isn't as easy as it looks. I wish I could be in your class!Comment from hillareeday - 12/30/03 4:07 PM

You go girl! I've been doing water ex since 1991. I don't belong to a class right now..I've made up my own workout and go during lap swim. I get a better workout this way. The kids class sounds like a great idea. My niece and nephew could sure use something like it! Lisa :-]Comment from mlraminiak - 12/30/03 1:42 AM

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