Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hannukah begins tonight
Tonight is the first night of Hannukah. This is a screaming example of what is different about this holiday. The world just goes on! We need maybe 15 minutes to get together, light our candles, say our blessing and open a gift. But there's also Cub Scouts, and a youth program my daughter participates in. I think we're going to have to eat as we dash through the kitchen and maybe when everyone gets home from their activities - we'll get to Hanukkah.
Since the holiday continues for eight nights, that's eight nights to juggle - to find just a few minutes for the family to gather. It's unbelievable how difficult this is.
On the upside - there's no hard and fast deadline to being "ready" for Hannukah. I haven't wrapped a thing. I haven't even completed my shopping. You just need to stay ahead by one day. It's a perfect procratinators holiday.
With that - I probably should pull it together and get the three first gifts ready to go. Happy Hannukah everyone!Written by
sunflowerkat321 .
This entry has 6 comments: Yeah, I can totally understand! Sometimes we celebrate both, Chanukah, and Christmas! lol This year, my poor menorah is just sitting on my bookshelf... I haven't even lit on candle! I'm a bad girl! I'm not Jewish, my husband is, but, I enjoy the traditions. We're trying to figure out what we'll celebrate when we have kids. We might do the good 'ole Seinfeld - FESTIVUS for the REST OF US! lol xo ~ IsabelComment from
isabelzmia - 12/21/03 10:00 PM

guess i'm not the only curious one then ! thanks marigold !! i'll head over there right now and read what John has to say :)pamelaComment from his1desire - 12/21/03 7:36 AM

hey sunflower! i have just found your journal and will visit often. come read my Chanukah entry if ya have the time: his1desire: the difference is just a different way of writing the transliteration of the Hebrew. john scalzi links to a site on BytheWay that talks about this very thing today.Comment from marigolds2 - 12/20/03 2:22 PM

a procrastinator's holiday! I love it! Interesting read.I don't know anyone that celebrates Hanukkah. I look forward to hearing about it from your perspective.Comment from hillareeday - 12/20/03 12:56 PM

i hope you don't mind my question .. do you know what the difference is between Chanukah and Hannukah? this isn't a quiz lol just something i've been curious about :)pamela (GirlsHeadNoise)Comment from his1desire - 12/20/03 9:02 AM

Happy Hannukah! I'm not jewish but I can relate in some strange way to this entry. Perhaps it's because Christmas doesn't really fall on just one day. It seems to occupy the space of a month.. and there's still so many other things going on, things that need to be done, etc. And the big day is nothing more than the culmination - a wrapping up, if you will - of all the madness that ensued over the entire month. It's now 5 days to xmas and I'm no where near ready. Ach! :)Comment from slowmotionlife - 12/20/03 2:00 AM

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