Friday, November 18, 2005


Claim to Fame

I grew up in a very small midwestern town - Bedford, Indiana. But this little bump in the road claimed noteriety as "The Limestone Capital of the World". Woo Hoo!
Actually, this is significant to me because I was from a limestone family. My great grandfather came to Bedford from Chicago trained as an architect. He started a limestone company complete with a quarry and a mill. It wasn't the only limestone gig in town, but it was successful enough and I grew up with the "distinction" of being the descendent of one of the local limestone barons.
Bedford stone was once in very high demand. A good deal of Washington DC and NYC are built from our local stone. However, during the enery crisis of the 70's stone became so expensive to transport that many companies went under - ours included. But I still treasure this little bit of heritage. I grew up in a big limestone house, I appreciate the intricacies of beautiful limestone carvings. In fact, I may one day become the "proud" owner of the handcarved limestone busts of great grandma and grandpa (YIKES). I can show you the millions of eenie, weenie, tiny fossilized sea creatures that compose Oolitic limestone.
Now I live in eastern PA. Kennett Square (a town near here) touts itself as the "Mushroom Capital of the World". Pennsylvania is the largest mushroom producing state and Kennett Square is at the heart of it all. Somehow, I can't help translating this to the "Fungus Capital of the World" but...oh well, sorry Kennett Square.
I've done a little nosing around (I really don't have this much spare time but - what the hell) and found some other interesing "World Captials" What do you think about...
Cedar Spring, MI - Red Flannel Capital of the World
Beaver, OK - Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World
Fort Payne, AL - Sock Capital of the World
Mount Horeb, Wi - Troll Capital of the World
Winnipeg Canada - Ectoplasm Capital of the World.
So, does YOUR town have a claim to fame? Have you been through a "not to be missed" capital of the world. If so, please share these hidden treasures.
BTW - we once drove through Gilroy, CA - Garlic Capital of the World. Our car reeked of the stinking rose for at least a week.
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I am new to your board and am catching up - I have been thru Fort Payne and you've never seen so many sock stores!!! They also have some association to the band Alabama - socks on 3 corners, Alabama fan things on the other....Yes, Gilroy is rather stinky. Comment from
kateraxe - 2/25/04 5:50 PM

How can someplace claim to be the SOCK capital of the world? Very Funny. Reminds me of the movie "Michael" where they visit the world's largest frying pan. We visited San Diego last February and learned it is the Avocado Capital of the World. You can't order a turkey sandwich without avocado and sprouts on it there.Comment from rbushu - 1/5/04 11:01 PM

Haha... I'm from Scott, La. "Were the West Begins." Gotta love a country thing like that!Comment from lahdeedah754 - 1/5/04 5:51 PM

As a galic lover, I'm deeply offended. LOL! ; )Comment from readmereadyou - 1/4/04 8:58 PM

Cool! My Dad's family is from Bedford. We were just down there last year for my Grandma's burial. Lots of limestone tombstones!Comment from chefgracegeorge - 1/4/04 8:03 PM

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