Thursday, November 17, 2005


We've talked a lot about true love. Today it was crystal clear to me that it can be summed up in one word.

I have a great dog - Berkeley. He's a 4 year old golden retriever. Poor Berkeley had to go to "camp" while we were skiing.
I went to pick him up as soon as we got home today. He nearly lost his mind when he saw me. They let him out of his kennel and I was nearly knocked to the floor. I couldn't get his collar on, he got tangled up in my purse and just kept jumping up and licking my face.
I remember the first time I had to put my first dog in the kennel. I felt terrible - so guilty. My father's response to my angst was "Katherine, that dog's not wearing a watch!" I'm not so sure that he was right.
Berkeley dragged me to the car and breathed heavily on me all the way home. Unconditional love. I can ignore him all day - he loves me. I can blow off his walk, or tell him to get lost because he's bugging me - he loves me. I can leave him in a cage surrounded by 100 other barking dogs - he STILL loves me. He has barely left my side since we got home. He even crawls under the piano when I sit down to play (and we have an upright).
Gotta LOVE a dog!Written by
sunflowerkat321 .

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DOG is GOD spelled backwards. I don't think that was an accident. I am a HUGE dog lover too. They might not be able to talk, but they sure can communicate with us.Comment from
hillareeday - 12/30/03 4:11 PM

aww! [pets Berkeley]Comment from chefgracegeorge - 12/29/03 12:24 PM

Girl, you are so right. My ex got our dog, because it makes sense. When I get to see him, he just goes bugshit. He just moans and squeals with excitement. I love the bugger and miss him a bunch, but this is better for him. Sigh. Gordy from grodygeek - 12/29/03 12:12 PM

You're absolutely right. NO ONE but a dog will love you unconditionally. Cats come close, but dogs are clearly the tongue-lolling winners.I wish there were so FEW animals on the earth that more people would cherish their pets. You know?Comment from andreakingme - 12/29/03 11:55 AM

Aww a golden! My ab. favorite! I cannot wait until B and I get our house...that is the first purchase I will make! Dogs are heavenly. I mean, yea my kitties are fantastic...but they are so much different than dogs! I simply cannot wait until the day I get my v. own puppy! Ben wants a Great Dane...I think I smell a compromise building as we speak! Maybe we'll get two! Yay! Great entry Sun! ~ShellsComment from dazeychic - 12/29/03 11:04 AM

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