Friday, November 18, 2005


Growing Pains
My oldest daughter is just days away from being eligible for her drivers license. This is my first time around with a new driver - and I guess I'm a little twitchy. I think I had an over reaction least I've been accused of such. Tell me what you think.
She asked if she could take the car out on our street to practice parallel parking. Our street does not go through and it's a small neighborhood - almost no traffic - so I said OK. She set up a couple of trash cans and was practicing parking between them. This went on for awhile - and I was down in my office reading blogs.
When I went upstairs, the car was not in the garage, or the driveway or out on the street. It was nowhere - nor was she. I stepped out on the porch - NOTHING. I came in STEAMING and dialed her cell phone - no answer. I guess I was glad of that because I've been telling her - no cell phone while you're driving.
Almost immediately she called me back. "WHERE ARE YOU?" I demanded. "In the garage, I just pulled in." "WHERE WERE YOU?" "I drove to the end of the street to turn around."
So here's where it gets fuzzy. I admit - I freaked out. I know it was harmless but she's not licensed YET and she was out driving alone in the car. She came in, we got in a major shouting match which (of course) my husband walked into the middle of. He didn't take sides at the time, but later did not hesitate to tell me that I was over reacting.
So what do you think? I think I have an obligation to impress on her that she has to be totally responsible for her actions as a driver, and driving anywhere alone unlicensed is NOT responsible. Yes it was harmless - but to me it's the point! So tell me, should I simmer down, or stick to my guns! Written by
sunflowerkat321 .

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I'm a guy. I'm staying out of this one. It could be a trick question. But, Mom, when you called her on the phone, were you setting her up? What if she HAD answered? Oooh, this could be an interesting journal. I'll have to hit that favorite button heart thingie.HansComment from
hrmore1956 - 1/6/04 12:29 AM

I don't think you overreacted at all. You were right. Stick to your guns. She will thank you for it one day.Comment from readmereadyou - 1/5/04 11:31 PM

My oldest is just 12. I say, start with a firm hand, then lighten up later if it's deserved. It's too hard to get tough when you've not been firm in the first place. It's a privilege, not a right. I can hardly manage to take my 10 y/o shopping for clothes without losing my mind, I can't imagine the driving lessons. I'll need sedatives, I'm sure.Comment from rbushu - 1/5/04 10:44 PM

In other words...YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!Comment from redhdka - 1/5/04 9:40 PM

I would have freaked out. My husband would have told me I overreacted as well. I think you already made your point and she's learned not to mess with you. Hopefully! ahhh I got one more year till this hell happens to me.Comment from redhdka - 1/5/04 9:40 PM

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