Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Java Blues
I'm an NPR junkie. You never know what little tidbit you're going to get turned onto. Today they were interviewing a guy who'd written a book on consumerism. Did you know that if you've developed a two cup a day habit at Starbucks - you're plunking down upwards of $7,000/year!! My town isn't hip enough to have Starbucks - so I'm safe. But I found this staggering. And the calories in those tall cafe mochas....well, we just won't go there.Written by sunflowerkat321

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If you make your latte out of skim milk and use sugar-free syrup, it's only 90 calories and no fat. And you need the calcium anyway, so why not? If you lived in the Pacific Northwest, you'd get why $7000 per annum on coffee doesn't seem extreme... :-]Comment from
mlraminiak - 12/19/03 12:51 AM

I spend about ... $7 on a bag of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee once every two months or so. Not sure how big the bag is, but it would be the middle size. I get it at Scott's Grocery Store. I brew it up every morning just before I hobble-dash out the door. I loves me SB BB coffee!Comment from andreakingme - 12/18/03 2:55 PM

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