Friday, November 18, 2005


Makin' copies part1

I was deluded into thinking that when everyone went back to work/school that I'd get my arms around things here at the house. I feel like someone fired the gun at the starting line and I'm off to the races. It's good busy though - I feel like I've got a couple of things out of my way, at least for awhile.
It started with OVERSLEEPING! I HATE when that happens. I knew we were expecting crummy weather today so my plan was to get up and to the gym EARLY - so I'd be back before the kids left for school. But the alarm went off at 5 and I didn't haul my butt out of bed. Bad, bad, bad. Next thing I know it's 6:45 and I'm rethinking my whole days schedule.
I've gotten myselft in a bit over my head volunteering at my sons school - and today there was work there to be done. Not only am I their yearbook coordinator, I'm also the PTO newsletter editor. This newsletter thing has turned out to be a bit of a thorn in the side. Our elementary school is BIG, the PTO has a lot of programs going on and the monthly letter runs 8 - 12 pages each issue. It's my "job" to collect all the information, type it up, lay it out with graphics, have it proofread and then make and distribute close to 700 copies! It's like pulling teeth to get thie information together, I'm always running right up to the end of the month getting it ready to go. This year, I got smart and got some volunteers set to do the copying - but my person for today bailed. So guess who's doing a stint at the copy machine today.
So it went something like this...the kids left and I threw on my workout stuff and ran to school. I picked up the rough of the newsletter (principal had to ok) and headed to the gym. An hour on the treadmill and I'm feeling better. I took a quick shower, dashed home and sat down to do the final draft revisions and grab some food. Then back to school I went. I was totally on schedule - it was 11:30.Written by

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An hour on the treadmill can fix most anything. For everything else, just scream the word, "NO!" Works like a charm.Comment from
rbushu - 1/5/04 10:55 PM

I really admire the school moms. I just hand in my 9 dollar pta fee and I move on. I can't, I won't, It's too much trouble and I'm not the right man for the job. My kids suffered great pains because of this. I used the excuse that I was such a young mom and had nothing in common with the other moms. Yea they bought it. LOL But from all the lazy Mommies around the world I would like to say. "THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY KIDS, AND ALL KIDS, ENJOY THEIRS YEARS IN SCHOOL"Comment from redhdka - 1/5/04 9:45 PM nice page come check out mineComment from linus131999 - 1/5/04 5:02 PM

I over extended myself one year at my kids school and that taught me a valuable lesson--not to ever do it again. I was room mom for all three kids and chaired a fundraising comittee--it was grueling. Glad to see you've things under control.Comment from karensull12 - 1/5/04 3:04 PM

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