Thursday, November 17, 2005

May the Spirit Last All Year

Coming to terms with Middle Age shares a very heartfelt and important story. It's so easy to forget that we live in a world of haves and have nots. Lisa brings this out beautifully in the glamor of the event she attended. Being a HAVE, wrapped in a cloak of comfort and THINGS - I think we (mistakenly) take for granted that EVERYONE is so blessed. We're comfortable and we just FORGET! Then we see the huddled old woman picking from the trash, or the guy who sleeps under the underpass and it slaps us - and I think it frightens us! We've ALL averted our eyes and walked by. I know I certainly have. We should all imagine spending a day in their worn out shoes and then reach out and do what we can. I'm so impressed that charity to others is a recurring theme in the journals. This is a very caring group of individuals.
Happy Holidays to you all.
And may we all do what we can to make someone elses world brighter in the coming year.KatWritten by
sunflowerkat321 .

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My heart always breaks when I see people in need and I wish I could take them home with me, but I know that's not possible. There is more goodness out there than we know about.Comment from karensull12 - 12/22/03 6:42 PM

You wrote a mouthful. beautifully said.Comment from alphawoman1 - 12/22/03 3:32 PM

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