Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A little more about me
This is me. As I said, I'm 46 and have three kids. They range from 9 to 16. I'm college educated, have had my own business and am currently a stay at home mom. My husband is the CEO of a small start up company. We've been married for 21 years. This is part of my angst - it's just dawned on me how long "til death do you part" may be. OMG I feel guilty about that.
I love music and am a pianist. I LOVE to dance - but am not a trained dancer. I'm one of those wild twirly type dancers. I like to rock and roll, but my dad was a student of music theory. When we were kids, he would critique all the popular music that came into the house. "Only three chords in that song!" he'd tell us. We learned to appreciate complexity in music. When I hear some of the stuff my kids listen to I have to laugh. If he were still here he'd say "No chords in that song!" But he was the BEST kind of dad. He was cuddly, he would read to us, and we'd all sing together. There was always room for one more kid on his lap. He was a big man and had a hug that would envelope you. He was always emotive - he would always tear up when it was time for me to leave after a visit. I miss him terribly.
I am a bit obsessed with diet and fitness. One of my biggest frustrations are that my kids are stubborn picky eaters who consume too much junk and won't get off the couch! ARGHHHH! I recently started teaching aquatic fitness - and I love it! I also walk 5 1/2 miles almost every day - at 5:45 am. I know - I'm nuts. Actually, sometimes I think the walks are the only thing that lets my hang onto my sanity. I live in eastern Pennsylvania - and the terrain is beautiful here. On my walk, I pass farms and a park and cross TWO covered bridges. It is bucolic. And it gives me just the endorphin boost I need to kick start my day.
OK this is not feeling quite as uncomfortable as I thought it might. I'm looking forward to sharing with anyone out there who feels like listening.

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Couple of things: Guilt about marriage? Hmmm.Your father sounded wonderful. Lucky, lucky you.I WANT to be a fitness freak. Soon.My hubby comes from eastern PA, a little town just a burp away from Binghampton, NY. Comment from
andreakingme - 12/15/03 8:10 PM

HI sunflower! Im so happy that you have decided to take the plunge into journaling! It can be quite a hang on! I admire you for walking so early in the AM...that is soo great! I dont have that kind of commitment...tho Id love to create some! Next up on your list, that I have kindly created for you (hehe) is to start leaving comments on peoples journals that you read! They cant find you otherwise! Good Luck and Keep writing! ~ShelliComment from dazeychic - 12/15/03 12:08 PM

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