Friday, November 18, 2005


Makin' copies part2

But Murphy was lurking and the copy machine went down! Now what!?! The secretary directed me back to a second restricted use copier. It's hidden back in a storage room. That's all ok - I'd dumped some music on my RIO and so I'd be fine back there. But, they're in the middle of a major renovation of the school and they recently took the carpet up in this room with some major commercial solvent. Between that and the regular copy toner fumes - I was feeling no pain. I had great tunes, I was singing and dancing around my little closet just having a ball - makin' copies.
Remember, this is the first day back to school after the break. EVERY teacher in that place stopped by the closet to make some last minute copies of work for their classes. Quite a few of them got a kick out of me. I've had some kid in that school for 11 years - they all know me. Oh well, I think anything I can do to break the stereotype of PTO MOM is a good thing, right?
I'm home now - my head has cleared and I'm looking around at all the stuff here just waiting for my attention. There's the laundry, the Hannukah decorations are still out, you can't see the top of my desk and I have a list of calls to make. Maybe that storage room was not such a bad little space after all.Written by
sunflowerkat321 .

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I'll take carpet solvent in close quarters any day. I've been the treasurer of our elementary school pta for 5 years now. I broke any remaining stereotypes at registration this year when I came in with 4 kids in tow singing, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." I had dance moves and hand jive. The office personnel were cracking up. Other parents were pretending not to know me. I figure when I'm done, I'll have 15 years in.Comment from
rbushu - 1/5/04 10:53 PM

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