Thursday, November 17, 2005


A purpose- Part 1

I was presented with an opportunity that was truely a gift late in the year. I have gotten to return to doing something I really love. Over 10 years ago, I used to teach aquatic fitness. It was in its infancy then, but the facility where I worked had a great program with a lot of variety. I started teaching after I had my first baby, and taught through my second pregnancy. Can you imagine - me in a swimsuit teaching aquatics - nine months pregnant? Not a pretty picture. I taught the day I delivered my second daughter and was back in 6 weeks swimming circles around everyone.
But the kids started to create a problem for me continuing to teach. If someone was sick, or school was delayed because of weather, I could never get a sub. It became a major stress and I finally gave it up.Written by
sunflowerkat321 .

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