Thursday, November 17, 2005


Another "reality"

hilareeday gave us a great rant about that brat Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. It brought to mind another "reality" series set on the polar opposite premise.
Did anyone watch Frontier House? I have little time for TV so I didn't see it much, but what I did see I found fascinating. In this program, they took three contemporary families and sent them by covered wagon into the wilds of Montana. They were prepped with basic survival skills and sent on their way.
Now, who can imagine spending 6 months with NONE of the conveniences we take for granted. How about your kids? No cell phone, no PC, no MTV, no Xbox. OMG, how would they ever survive? Funny what's "necessary" for survival, huh? As hard as it would be, sometimes I wish I could give my kids this type of experience. Six months might be a little extreme, and I certainly wouldn't want tv cameras documenting it all but to take your family out of the modern world for awhile would be incredible. Adversity breeds strength, right? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I look at my kids and the privilege that we've afforded them and I think, we really haven't done them any favors. But how to you isolate them from contemporary life?
My kids already consider me a hard ass mom because I don't allow the TV to be turned on during the week and I expect them to do some family chores. Anything above and beyond that, they feel entitled to argue the "unfairness" of it all. So it would delight me to take their little butts and plop them where they had to fend for everything they need for a little while. I can hear it now....whatever doesn't kill ME will make me stronger! :-)
If you're interested in the project, check it out here.
PBS - Frontier House: The Project
I hope they rerun the series. I can fantasize...or maybe it will help me appreciate all I'VE got!Written by sunflowerkat321

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I read about the series, but did not see it. I agree with everything you wrote here. Kids, by nature, are selfish and I find myself getting angry with my children for not appreciating how much work is involved in them having the things they have. Every once in a while I find myself lecturing them on the sacrifices that have been made for them. I doubt they will ever truly appreciate things until they are adults (just like me).Comment from
karensull12 - 1/3/04 8:21 PM

I'm not a TV watcher either, but I did see one or two episodes of 'Frontier House'. Amazing show. The one woman freaked up because she couldn't take her makeup with her. Can you imagine? When I heard that I was thinking "Honey, once you get out there, that will be the LEAST of your worries."I don't have any children but I can certainly appreciate your frustration with them for not appreciating how lucky they are. That's why I'm not a Mom. I'd probably go right off the deep end.Comment from somenuttychic - 1/3/04 11:42 AM

I missed that one, but saw the one where they were in the house in London during WWII during the blitz. I thought that was interesting, how the women were put to work, and everything was rationed. They even drew a line in their tub so they'd know how much water they were allowed to use! It makes you think of all the luxuries we take for granted!Comment from donah42 - 1/3/04 11:06 AM


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